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  • Tiago
    The habit of dressing easily turned severe problems. In particular, the cold day I had to spend a lot of time outdoors, which led first to the problems in bed, and then, and violation of urination. I had to go see a doctor, who recommended EroFertil. On the medication heard for the first time, then, the doubts. But the doctor was experienced, with a good reputation, so that the treatment I have not yet begun. 1 month can completely restore the health and the symptoms of prostatitis are gone, and the erection is bounced.
  • Maria
    The husband after the injury he has had problems in sex. Just lost all desire, even if he was healthy. Go see a doctor he did not want, I began to look for alternative solutions. Discovered erofertilliked very much the composition and complete the action on the body. After 2 weeks, her husband was not found. Sex multiple times per day, the husband has become energetic and cheerful.
  • João
    After the divorce began to notice that the bed doesn't go well as before. Weak erection, premature ejaculation and it is not fun neither for me, nor for the partners. He started looking for a natural remedy, studied reviews and decided, that EroFertil – what I need. Has the course and the sex became like 18 years old.
  • Tomás
    For a long time was not a female partner, respectively, and sex 1-2 times per month. Once you have found out that I just this is of particular interest to sex no. Then a couple of times I have been holes, especially if you used the condom. When a young girl, it became clear that the problem is more serious than I thought. First I wanted to go to a psychologist, then a urologist, but I ran across an advertisement for a drug EroFertil. I decided to try it only, and has not repented. The power has recovered in full after a five-week course, the first results were after 3 days of treatment.
  • Rodrigo
    Difficulty in sexual life is not never been, but lately more and more friends begin to suffer from disturbances of potency. I have decided that it is necessary to adopt preventive measures in order not to fill the row sitting on the bench. Consulted with his urologist and was advised not to pharmacy medication and organic supplement EroFertilsaying that the vegetable components, the soft act on the body. I drink the medicine course and there is still no difficulty in bed, is not mentioned. I hope that this day would never come, if attentive to their health.
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